Here at Ashdown Care Homes we strongly believe in giving back and helping others.

Gary & Linda decided for every child they were lucky enough to bring into the world, they would sponsor a child in a poor country. 22 Years later they are still supporting two families in Bangladesh with some of the the most challenging issues they face.

Ashdown as a company are also committed to donating a percentage of our profits back to worthy causes. If you wish to apply for a donation, contact us. Your submission will be given to the directors of the company. Their decision will be final.

Please see some of our donations to Action Aid for the Haiti appeal below:

Ashdown helps kids get out of prostitution

Ashdown helps Cyrenians feed the Hungry in the North East 

Ashdowns support for Action aid

Ashdowns Support of Action aid

Ashdown’s Support for Action Aid

Charity letter april 2016-1
Charity letter april 2016-2

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