H is a 65 year old man with a learning disability, schizophrenia, delusional beliefs, behaviours that challenge, physical disabilities and severe epilepsy.  He came to Ashdown Care from a long time spent living in a hospital environment into his own ISL. He presented with extreme aggression and delusional behaviour which resulted in him only responding to another name or he would become physically aggressive and lashing out at support workers and strangers when out in the community.

H would, when not delusional, ask to visit Belgium to see the war memorial of his grandfather. We developed a Positive Behaviour Support Plan and corresponding risk assessments were developed to enable us to facilitate his visit.

The following actions were taken to help him achieve his goal:

  • Fear of flying training.
  • GP letter explaining that he may not answer to the name given on the passport for border control.
  • Level access accommodation was booked for his stay and priority access to the plane.
  • Location of a local GP in Belgium in case there were any issues with his epilepsy.

H attended a day break, visited his grandfather’s grave, thoroughly enjoyed his time with only one episode of challenging behaviour recorded.

This experience changed our working practice by proactively encouraging collaboration. The support staff, family, H and the multi-disciplinary team all worked together to manage risk, promote independence and develop a ‘can do’ culture within the organisation. We managed to achieve a complex outcome for the service user instilling belief in the team that they could achieve almost anything for the benefit of service users.

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