B is 26 years old and has severe Learning Disabilities and Autism. He is non-verbal but can understand English. His constant head banging and lashing out at staff was deemed too violent to take him out in community settings.  The support staff were unhappy about B being unable to access the community so as an initial step a harness was fitted in his mobility car to protect himself and staff whilst in the car so that he could at least go for drives in the community. Over a period of time he was gradually able to leave the car for short periods in open spaces in the community. Staff would carefully monitor any triggers to behaviours and put appropriate risk assessments in place based on these observations. B was also fitted with a suitable helmet and visor to protect his head and eyes and a care plan was developed around the appropriate use of this when out in the community to address his needs.

B was also helped to communicate his needs using Makaton signs and large pictures. A Positive Behaviour Support Plan was developed which included:

  • Giving B attention before he displayed any negative behaviour,
  • Removing the helmet in a phased approach during trips out in the community which reduced the need for the helmet.

These strategies proved successful and B no longer requires the helmet. Professionals involved in B’s development have praised the management and staff at Ashdown Care for supporting B in reducing his behaviours that challenge and enabling him to access the community.

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